Learn how to build your business through relationships, not just transactions

I specialise in helping businesses attract better clients, save time and build profit, bringing them the life/work harmony they always wanted.

My one and only outcome for you is to build a resilient and sustainable business growth strategy with you that brings both more and better business.

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again but expecting different results

Albert Einstein (anon)

Hello from me!

Rather than write a lengthy message about me and what I do, I thought I would break with tradition and say hello personally (well, almost).

A quick synopsis:

I believe that people buy from people – always have, always will.

I believe that if we want to change the results we achieve, first we have to change the way we think.

Are you on the “get business/do business” see-saw, or the “need to employ/can’t afford to” see-saw? 

What if there were a different way?

“Changing your thinking, changing your doing, and changing your forever”

I believe the fairest way of working is to give my clients complete control over how much and when to invest. There is no one service or programme that is more profitable for me than any other which means that my only aim is to deliver a solution and outcome that is right for you.

I work with business people who are invested in their growth and vision to help them grow their business so they are truly working hard on smart things.

Where I came from

With a background in international hotel chains and over 20 years starting, building, managing and selling my own businesses, I am well aware of the highs and lows that businesses can face.

Whilst I may not have all the answers, I do have an innovative way of thinking that brings change and inspires growth and that might be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

Common challenges I have a solution for

If one or more of these resonate with you, reach out and let me help you.

I would like more business

I spend too much time trying to get new business

I spend too much money trying to get new business

I invest a lot of time/energy in conversion

I don’t have time to attend networking events

I don’t like selling

I can’t clearly identify my target market

I have clients I wish I had never engaged

Everyday there’s just a little bit of drama

I wish my staff loved my business as much as I do

I get referrals but don't plan for them

I have a financial referral reward system that doesn’t work consistently

The referrals I get are sometimes poor quality

I know something needs to change but I just don’t know what

Life and business are like riding a bicycle. If you don’t keep moving, you will fall off.

People work with me because:

They are truly serious about taking their business to the next level

Their current thinking can’t get them there or they don't know what to do

They want better quality and more profitable new business opportunities

They want better value from their networking activities

They want to use tested and proven marketing strategies that their competitors can’t have

They have or are willing to make time to implement these proven techniques

They like the way I think and they want what I know

They share my values of: Integrity, Purpose, Selflessness, Accountability and Courage

No fuss, no faff. Just simple ways my clients engage:

One on one learning, mentorship and coaching ONLINE

Group learning, mentorship and coaching ONLINE


Better Referrals Workshop

Fun and fact-packed session designed to boost your knowledge and show you how to get better at referrals.

Next Event: 18th August 2021

Better Sales Course

Turning yours sales activities from have-to-do to nice-to-do. Specifically for those that want to make sales enjoyable and relational.

Next start date: 19th July 2021

Better Referrals Course

Referrals BOOSTER  – improve the quality, consistency and profitability of your referrals. (6 week programme)

Next start date: 3rd August 2021

What my clients say

If you’re thinking of developing a Referral Marketing Strategy, or if you’re wondering what one is and how it might help develop your business, I’d recommend speaking with Mark. Creating referrals on purpose isn’t something I’d previously considered - Mark’s approach and invaluable insight really adds value not only in terms of thinking through and developing the strategy, but also at a very practical level too. A genuinely nice guy who really goes the extra mile to help drive success for his clients.
Adam Davey
Director at Petaurum Solutions
Working with Mark has had a massive impact on my business. Identifying the different referral networks I am already in and the ones I'd like to join was very eye-opening and has allowed myself to create a detailed strategy that focuses on deepening the business relationships I have with connections across Lincolnshire. Mark has redefined my perception of 'networking' and referral marketing, I'd heavily recommend a coffee with Mark!
Ashley Wilks
Video Producer at Wallbreaker
Mark is a truly invaluable source of business knowledge and experience. Since first meeting him, I have not only felt that I am accomplishing more but also that I am enjoying the process and building many new and meaningful relationships that extend beyond mere business. With Mark's advice and guidance, I have changed my approach to business for the better. I am convinced that the referrals model that Mark uses works and a number of the new friends I have met along the way say the same. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mark if you are looking for new ways to grow your business!
Chris Rose
Electric Innovation
Mark has been a fantastic contact to connect with and his knowledge and experience within networking is abundantly clear. He has been of great assistance with providing useful tips about how to get the most from my networking and how to put myself across in the most effective manner, he has also been very generous with his time. All of this has helped shape how I conduct my networking activities and for that I am very grateful.
Rachel Haith
Network Marketing Professional
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”